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Water Preparation Systems

Water preparation systems are necessary to provide the required quality to the raw water which will be used either domestically as drinking/utility water, or at the processes for industrial purposes.

Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya, provides the customers with the project and engineering services regarding to the installation of the process water preparation systems that are required by the facilities. It provides guarantee, maintenance and service for the water softening and reverse osmosis systems designed and installed by its experienced staff.

Water Preparation Systems Designed and Installed by Deren Kimya:

  • Water Softening Systems: They are designed as automatic, tandem, single, volumetric, time adjusted depending on the characteristics of the facility.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Special water preparation systems that operates with the principle of reverse osmosis to obtain water in pure water quality.
  • Physical filters: Pre-treatment systems to remove impurities in the water.
  • Active carbon filters: Water treatment systems, especially in drinking water systems, that are used as decolorant and deodorizer.


Ship Maintenance and Marine Chemicals

   The machinery and systems of the ships have their own characteristics. The ships that have long cruises and stays offshore should not experience any problems with their heating-cooling and bilge systems. Usually the sea water is used in the ship systems that need circulation water. The salinity of sea water is high and its ion content is different from the other waters. It has a characteristic oil film due to due to its biological environment. For this reason, maintenance of sea water systems requires special expertise.

   Deren Kimya develops special chemicals for the major maintenance of the ship systems in its own laboratories. Fuel additives, cooling towers, electric motor cleaners, biological cleaners, boiler water and evaporator chemicals, seaweed inhibitors, tank, carbon, acid, cement cleaners, cooling water and sea water chemicals are world-class products used in the required areas. The prices, technical specifications, procurement and logistics facilities and all necessary information about the machinery maintenance chemicals can be obtained from Deren Kimya.

   Deren Kimya manufactures special products for desalination, Reverse Osmosis and water softening units and implements necessary programs to solve the problems in these systems.

For Whom Deren Kimya Provides Service?

  • Maritime agencies
  • Military and private shipyards
  • Navy bases
  • Foreign flagged vessels transiting our country and anchoring in our ports

The Problems in the Ships to be solved by chemicals:


The algae caused by sea water is removed by using special marine biocides.

Fuel-associated problems:

Problems caused by fuel oil and diesel fuels in the machinery and systems of the ship are solved by using special chemicals.

Waste discharge of the ships:

The waste discharge of the ships should be regulated in order to prevent marine pollution and to comply with the sea water and transportation criteria stipulated by the legislation. Deren Kimya's bilge cleaner and the marine chemicals that clean the wet colorant matters on the sea surface can be used for this purpose.

Metal and painted surface maintenance at ships:

Sea water has a corrosive characteristics and creates deposits. The hull which is in contact with the sea water for a long time needs to be maintained. Deren Kimya produces chemicals for the maintenance of the metal and painted surface of the ships en route or the ones having maintenance at shipyards. Deren Kimya’s product range also includes the rust-removing chemicals and coating-protection chemicals applied on the paint.

Most used ship chemicals

• Carbon cleaners

• Air cooler cleaners

• Electric motor cleaners

• Oil and grease cleaners

• Tank cleaners

• Bilge cleaners

DEGREASER Tank Cleaner
TC PLUS Tank Cleaner
ECLEAN Tank Cleaner
O.S.D Tank Cleaner
O.S.E Tank Cleaner
DERALKALIN 1940 Tank Cleaner
DERCLEAN BREAK Engine Room Cleaner
ECLEAN Engine Room Cleaner
DECLEAN BDEG Engine Room Cleaner
ACC-9 Engine Room Cleaner
CARBON REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS 1100S Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS POWDER Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS 1100 Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER HD Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
EMC-S Engine Room Cleaner
DECLEAN BDEG Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER HD Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
EMC-S Engine Room Cleaner
DUNIWASH General Purpose Cleaners
FILTER CLEANER General Purpose Cleaners
CEMENT REMOVER General Purpose Cleaners
HAND CLEANER General Purpose Cleaners
DERMAZYME BLQ General Purpose Cleaners
DERMAZYME F TOZ General Purpose Cleaners

Waste water treatment chemicals

   It offers solutions to customers for supplying and procuring of the polyelectrolytes which is required by the treatment plants and supplementary chemical raw materials used at treatment process, such as precipitants and floaters, in terms of quality and expected price.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

• PAC-108: Precipitant for the wastewater treatment plants (Poly Aluminum Chloride).

• DERFOAM-WW: Foam formation inhibitor for wastewater treatment plants.

• DERSOL: Oil cleaner for the separator and filters in bilge treatment plants.

• POLYD-A: Anionic polyelectrolyte

• POLYD-C: Cationic polyelectrolyte

• EGEZYM-ST: Deodorizer and degreaser for septic tanks and pits.

Supplementary chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants:

  1. Copper sulphate
  2. Iron chloride
  3. Aluminum chloride
  4. Aluminum sulphate
  5. Lime

Su Hijyen Kimyasalları

Due to the numerous advantages of its physical and chemical properties, the water is widely used for domestic and industrial purposes. Most of the water supplied from natural water sources is used as drinking/utility water and industrial process water.

Water hosts many microorganisms. Most micro-organisms are harmful bacteria that have pathogenic effect on humans. They penetrate into the systems that utilize water and keep living in these systems. When they have the favorable conditions, they multiply rapidly by colonizing.

Legionnaires’ Disease:

Lejyonella Bakterisi

Legionella is the most common pathogenic bacterium living in water systems and is the cause of outbreaks of diseases up to now. It is the disease caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria.

With its own microbiology laboratories and specialized staff, Deren Kimya provides service by implementing analyses on industrial water hygiene and Legionella risk management.



The Steps of Legionella Risk Management and Control Program by Deren Kimya:

The construction and cooling system are evaluated comprehensively by Deren Kimya engineers.

• Water and biological deposits samples are taken from all the required locations.

• Legionella count analysis is implemented in Deren Kimyas's environmental microbiology laboratory in accordance with the ISO 11731 standard.

• A preventive control program based on corrective interventions is determined according to the analysis results.

• Water treatment program is started by using Deren Kimya's cooling water treatment chemicals and Legionecid products that have been specially formulated for Legionella.

• It is ensured that the system operates effectively with the expected efficiency and without any risk of disease.

Who Concerns Water Hygiene Program?

• Hotel manager, technical manager

• Maintenance and installation personnel

• Cooling tower, air handling unit, evaporative condenser and chiller circuit operator

• Swimming and spa pool operators, geothermal facility staff, maintenance and cleaning staff

• Facility and supplementary unit engineer

• Water treatment specialist consultants

Hygiene Program and Legionella Risk Management Practices:

• Cooling tower

• Evaporative condenser

• Hospitals

• Spa pools

• Swimming pool, spa pool

• Geothermal water systems

• Artificial water systems such as decorative fountains

Drinking and Utility Water Chemicals

The biofilm layer formed due to the multiplication of microorganism in drinking and utility water may spread along these systems and may have pathogenic effect. The control of furring, corrosion, and the biofilm layer in the drinking and utility water and in the network through which this water is transferred is essential for the quality of drinking/utility water. The corrosion and furring formed in these systems lead to an increase in the concentration of heavy metals in the water and thus impair the quality of drinking water. Also, the furring, corrosion and other impurities that accumulate in drinking/utility water pipelines cause narrowing in the diameter and pitting on the pipe, thus it increases the energy costs of the company.

Our drinking/utility water chemicals are produced in accordance with the FDA norms.


Instant chlorine dioxide production by mixing DERTIV OX-20 and DERTIV-8 chemicals in "DEREN CHLORINE DIOXIDE GENERATOR". Effective biofilm control for drinking and utility water certified by FDA, it is recommended for bacteria and especially for Legionella spp.

DEREN FILM series:

Disinfecting chemical that inhibits the accumulation of corrosion residues in pipe walls by forming a film layer in drinking/utility water pipelines. Compliant with FDA norms.

Programs to be applied for swimming pool sanitation:

• Swimming Pool Hygiene

• Chemical treatment

• Disinfection

• Routine chemical and bacteriological analyses

Programs to be applied for the spa pool hygiene control:

• Legionella risk control

• Chemical treatment

• Disinfection

• Routine chemical and bacteriological analyses

Pool Tests Implemented at Deren Kimya Laboratories:Mikrobioloji Laboratuvarı

• Total live bacteria count

• Total coliform

• Escherichia coli

• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Regulations for Legionella Control in Europe and the US:

The United States and all European countries have thoroughly examined the outbreaks in their country, set out the reasons and preventive interventions, and have prepared legal regulations on Legionella control. The European countries, look closer to Turkey, as a member state for the European Union, regarding to Legionella control.

Turkey, as a collaborative partner of European Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet), has issued a circular on the Legionella Disease Control through the Ministry of Health. So, it is seen that the awareness about the importance of the water hygiene in building water systems in our country has become popular at the level of government and public institutions.

Water Hygiene Chemicals Product Group


Industrial water hygiene is applied by using the selected furring-corrosion inhibitor, dispersant and as well as LEGIONECID chemicals depending on the type of cooling system.


Special inhibitor to inhibit the formation of scaling-furring due to high temperature and high lime ratio in geothermal wells. Calcium, magnesium, iron and copper sequestrants

DERFLOKYüzme Havuzu Hijyen

Flocculant that precipitates the particles


Emergency and shock disinfectant


Pool disinfectant containing 56% active chlorine


Pool disinfectant containing 90% active chlorine


pH riser for the waters with non-ideal pH range


pH reducer for the waters with non-ideal pH range


Anti-algae chemicals for pool surfaces


Flocculant that precipitates the particles


Special mixture that colors the water dull and keeps the ions that cause scaling-furring.


Furring and dirt cleaner that deposits on pool surface and equipment


White colored monopersulfate tablet


Disinfectant granules containing 90% active chlorine


White colored granular monopersulfate

DERWIN Prevents algae in pool during winter maintenance.

Mixing of DERTIV OX-20 and DERTIV-8 with “DEREN CHLORINE DIOXIDE GENERATOR”, we will produce chlorine dioxide in system instantly. It is recommended for treatment of drinking-usage chemicals by FDA , in order to controlle biofilm, bacteria and Legionella spp. in water systems. 

Kazan Suyu Şartlandırma

The aim of heat transfer systems that benefits from the energy transfer characteristics of the water, is to transfer the heat, which is loaded to the water with very high costs in central stations, to another location with the highest possible efficiency. For this purpose, it is tried to minimize the effects of the factors that may block or slow down the heat transfer, or the failures which may occur in the heat transfer systems.

Designed for non-stop operation, the heat transfer systems are like the heart of the facility. For this reason, the heat transfer systems have no tolerance for an unexpected halt. In terms of electronics and mechanics, the operation should be planned and carried out without any fault.

The basis of the water treatment concept is to use the water that has the optimum conditions, in the system. Possible Ca and Mg salts contained in the water, cause furring in the form of crystals on the heat transfer surfaces. This furring hampers the heat transfer and causes energy loss. In addition, dissolved gases in the water, mostly the oxygen, cause corrosion by reacting with the metal components of the system. And the corrosion leads to deformation in the system equipment thus it causes failures and dangerous accidents.

Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya takes the responsibility of the operation of the system in terms of water, through the Water treatment Program implemented by the service engineers. At first, it ensures the use of optimum conditioned water in the facility with the optimum investment, then it ensures that the system operates with the most proper control parameters by using preservative chemicals to eliminate the risks of furring and corrosion that might be caused by the water in the system.


DERAMINE series:Deramin Serisi

  • Deren Kimya's new generation water treatment chemicals series.

  • Produced by using film forming Polyamine technology.

  • The preservative film layer formed on the metal surfaces prevents the formation of corrosion by blocking the water contact to the metal.

  • Anti-corrosion chemical types to be used in high pressure steam boilers are also available.

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-furring chemical types to be used in medium and low pressure boilers are also available.

DEROX series:

  • They are used as anti-corrosion chemicals in steam boilers and connected circuits.

  • Oxygen scavengers in various types are available to prevent pitting corrosion caused by oxygen.

  • With its neutralized amines, it prevents carbonic acid corrosion caused by CO2 in the condensate lines.

  • Preserves steam and condensate lines against corrosion.

DERKOMPLEX series:Buhar Kazanı Su Şartlandırma

  • It prevents corrosion and furring in medium and low pressure boilers.

  • FDA compatible fully organic compound furring-corrosion inhibitors suitable for use in food production facilities

DERODISP series:

  • With its strong dispersants, it prevents the formation of sludge and deposits in the steam boilers.

  • It prevents the impurities in the boiler water from precipitating and facilitates to take them out by blowdowns.

DESCALE series:

  • It facilitates the dissolving of furring layer on transfer surfaces of the steam boiler by deforming its structure.


Soğutma Suyu Şartlandırma

   The machines and equipment at various locations in the plant get heated due to their functions and therefore their efficiency decreases as they get warmer or even they cannot function because of thermal increase. And certain areas in the plant need to be cooled.

   The aim of the cooling systems that also benefit from the heat transfer characteristics of the water, is to cool the machines and equipment at various locations in the plant, and to ensure that the systems operate under the certain temperature through the continuous cycle of the water that is cooled in a central station.

   For this purpose, it is tried to minimize the effects of the factors that may block or slow down the heat transfer, or the failures which may occur in the heat transfer systems.

   The main purpose of cooling water treatment is to ensure the prevention of the lime salts in the water from causing furring layer at the heat exchangers of the system’s cooling process. Also, the biological formations, that can be widely seen in the water which is exposed to air and sunlight in open air environments, such as algae and fungus can cause deposits and blockage in the system. In addition to the corrosion caused by the reaction of oxygen in the water with the system metals, as the water allows electrons transfer, it causes cell corrosions between the system metals and therefore it causes failures in the system due to wearing away.

   Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya takes the responsibility of the operation of the system in terms of water, through the Water Treatment Program implemented by the service engineers. At first, it ensures the use of optimum conditioned water in the facility with the optimum investment, then it ensures that the system operates with the most proper control parameters by using preservative chemicals to eliminate the risks of furring, corrosion and biological contamination that might be caused in the system by the water.


Soğutma Suyu Şartlandırma Kimyasalları

DERSO series: Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Furring and corrosion inhibiting chemicals for open, semi-open and close-circuit cooling systems

DEROPT series:

Furring and corrosion inhibiting special compound chemicals for close-circuit and chiller cooling systems

DERODISP series:

Furring, sludge and deposit remover in water cooling towers


Cleaner for biological deposits in cooling systems

DEROCID series:

Bacteria and algae-inhibiting biocides for open and semi-open cooling tower waters


Special biocide used at Legionella Risk Control Program in industrial cooling systems, air handling units, and evaporative condensers.

Reverse Osmos Membran Kimyasalları

In theory, the nearly pure water is the best quality water for applications requiring industrial use of water. Dissolved solid matters and impurities in the water reduce the quality of the water. Therefore, reverse osmosis systems are the most common systems and the most efficient water treatment systems to produce high quality water for the industrial applications, in terms of operating cost.

The impurities in the water are expected to be resolved during the transfer of water through special filters, called membranes, under high pressure. In a general, 75% of the water transferred through the membranes is obtained as nearly pure water (below 50 ms) as a product, and 25% of it is obtained as concentrated waste.

Due to the filtration process performed by the membrane filters, contamination and blockage occur over the time. In order to ensure the membranes to operate with high efficiency and for long time, antiscalants applications are carried out as preservative chemicals.

Specialized in membrane preservation applications, Deren Kimya ensures the operation of Reverse Osmosis Systems with the highest efficiency through its own Membrane Master Program by antiscalants applications depending on the properties of the membrane and water. The unit cost of water obtained from reverse osmosis equipment can be kept low by using this membrane software.

Deren Kimya's NSF certified antiscalants series has been used safely in Turkey's largest Reverse Osmosis facilities for many years and it is recommended by membrane manufacturers at the first place.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Protection Chemicals:


DERSCALANT series:Derscalant 30 Reverse Osmos Antiskalantı

  • Special chemicals called as antiscalants that preserve Reverse Osmosis Membranes against the blockage and hampering.
  • NSF certified types are available.
  • It is used according to the parameters calculated by Deren Kimya Membrane Master Program.
  • 5 largest Reverse Osmosis facilities in Turkey use Derscalant.

DERCLEAR series:

Special cleaning chemicals that clean the membrane without damaging it.


Preserves the membranes and prolongs their life-cycle by inhibiting possible biological formations in the membranes.

Deren Kimya Antiskalant Uygulamaları

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